By Emma Herro, Risk & Crisis Communication ’20

Meet Solen!

Solen Aref is a sophomore at Murrow College majoring in broadcast news with a minor in political science. She may look familiar as she co-hosted a show on Cable 8 last semester called Late on Cable 8!

Solen transferred to WSU after her freshman year and was looking to enroll in a journalism school that would help her reach her goal of becoming a broadcast journalist. She knew that Murrow College was the perfect place to achieve this dream.

“It was always in the back of my mind how much I admired the [broadcasting] program at WSU,” Solen said. “It was spoken of extremely well among all the journalists I met, even journalists who didn’t attend WSU themselves.”

Solen has written several stories for The Daily Evergreen and is a member of the Be the Match Club, the Association for Women in Communications Studies Club, and the Circle of Sisterhood. She’s also the historian of the Sigma Kappa Sorority here at WSU.

Her favorite thing about Murrow College is the people, ranging from her fellow classmates to the Murrow faculty.

“There is no shortage of inspiration to become a better journalist when I am constantly surrounded by some of the most driven and hardworking people I know,” Solen said. “I’ve met wonderful advisors who have helped me gain clarity about my future as a journalist, and I’ve learned so many new writing skills that make me excited about becoming a better storyteller.”

Solen’s plan after graduating is similar to most students: getting hired. She wants to start her career in local news and then work her way up to the Seattle news market, which she grew up watching as a kid. “Being able to serve the community of people I love the most would really be a lifelong dream come true,” Solen said. “I get emotional every time I even think about it!”

Her plans don’t stop there. Solen dreams of one day publishing a memoir and creating a scholarship for the next generation of aspiring young journalists. 

“So many people have helped me get to where I am today, and I’d love to help pay it forward for the next ones in line,” Solen said. “A little bit of help or guidance can go such a long way, and I know firsthand just how vital that can be to someone in this profession.”