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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Poster Printing

The Murrow College has a large scale HP Plotter printer. We have the capability to print on durable materials for conference and classroom presentations. We cannot mount, laminate, hole-punch, etc.

Step 1: Complete a Plotter Printer Request form.


Let us know:

  • Who needs it and who can we contact with questions?
  • What is the business purpose (e.g., specific course, office, program, project, event)?
  • What materials to use and size to print (paper or Tyvek; up to 42 inches wide, length is limitless…except for budget)
  • When do you need it? Please give us at least 3 business days to print!

Each faculty and graduate student is allotted two (2) poster prints (up to $50/each) during an academic year. If you need additional posters, please get the appropriate approval.

If your position is… This person needs to approve…
Tenured, tenure-track, or graduate student Bruce Pinkleton
Clinical/Instructor Stacey Hust
Staff Area Budget Approval

Exception: If the printing is for a grant, indicate grant name on the form and Denise Crossler will approve and route for printing.

Step 2: To submit the Plotter Printer Request:

There are a few methods for getting us the form:

  • Drop the form off to front desk Office Assistant, Jackson Hall, room 382 (Business Office)
  • Drop the form off to Evan Guthmiller, Jackson Hall, room 352 (Murrow Academic Equipment Media Center)


  • Posters must be created at the size you intend on printing.
  • You must save the image as a high-resolution jpeg formatted with a greater than 150 dpi.
  • The image will print exactly as saved. We are not able to edit or format.
  • Save it on a thumb/USB drive. If you have difficulty converting the file, send the source file: PowerPoint or pdf or email to
  • Are you traveling with the poster? Will you need a poster tube? We have 24″, 36″ and 48″ protective tubes.