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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Current Students

Explore the Murrow College graduate resources for important information including deadlines, due-dates, program requirements and forms.


The College of Communication has established the following learning objectives.

  • Knowledge of the field. Understand the breadth and depth of knowledge within the discipline, including current theories and methods and demonstrate competency in identifying and interpreting research on topics in communication.
  • Scientific reasoning and research process. Conduct independent research to identify research questions and hypotheses and design, execute, analyze, report on original research.
  • Communication. Communicate complex problems and research effectively to diverse audiences using appropriate media and communication tools.
  • Original scholarly contribution. Make original contributions to the discipline through presentations at academic conferences and publication in peer-reviewed academic outlets.
  • Teaching proficiency. Nurture and train graduate students to become effective teachers in the field of communication.


Jeremy Watson
Graduate Coordinator, Student Services