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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Backpack Journalism

Backpack Journalism is a competitive international reporting program funded by generous alumni and donors. Four high-achieving Murrow college students travel to a foreign country to report a story with guidance from a faculty member. In the past, backpack journalism trips have sent students to destinations such as Nepal, Greece, Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, Costa Rica, China, Sri Lanka and others. 

Students equipped with the latest video, audio and web technology produce multimedia content suitable for publication by media outlets. Backpack Journalism students experience the challenges and benefits of international travel, may have their work published by professional media and enrich their academic and professional lives.

This year, our Murrow College reporting team will travel to Guatemala City and into more remote villages outside the city to report stories on the emerging healthcare threat of anti-microbial resistance and research conducted by WSU researchers with the Paul G. Allen School for Global Health. This is a growing concern worldwide as viruses become more resistant to antibiotics, due in part to overuse in developing countries. This threat is trickling into U.S. hospitals as patients who have traveled abroad sometimes bring in bacterial infections that do not respond to the most heavily used antibiotics. These incidents create risk for the spread of untreatable, or less-treatable, disease.

The Backpack Journalism destination for March 2024 is: Guatemala City



Are you a certified student in any major within the Murrow College of Communication?
Do you have multimedia production skills?
Are you interested in international travel?
Do you have a strong work ethic?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then you should apply for these amazing opportunities.

Interested Murrow Students DO NOT need to complete the Pre-Screening Application through International Programs.
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Application deadline: Wednesday, September 27th at 11:59 pm.

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