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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Purchasing Process

Forms and details about the Murrow College purchasing process can be found on this page.

Step 1: Complete a Purchase Request (PR) form


Let us know:

  • Who needs it and who can we contact with questions?
  • What is the business purpose (e.g., specific course, office, program, project, event)?
  • How does this purchase meet the mission of WSU?
  • Where can we purchase it from (include a print out if easiest)?
  • When do you need it? Please give us 5 business days to purchase, but if it’s a rush just let us know! Best to tell us date & time you need it by.

Tip: It’s much timelier and requires less paperwork (if you can believe it) if we can purchase products or services for you. Reimbursements are difficult because they require several additional steps, more levels of approval, and extra time to process.

Step 2: Get the appropriate unit approval

If your position is… This person needs to approve…
Tenured or graduate student Bruce Pinkleton
Clinical/Instructor Department Chair
Special Course Fees Department Chair
Staff Area Budget Approval

Exception: If the purchasing is for a grant, indicate which one on the form and Denise Crossler will approve for purchase.

They can either sign the form or send an email to indicating approval.

Step 3: Submit the PR

We appreciate you sending the typed form back to us at

You can drop the completed form off:

  • To Sandy Johnson, Goertzen Hall, room 101 (Dean’s Office)
  • Or the front desk in the Business Office, Jackson Hall, room 382.

More information to help us process your request:

  • If you’re purchasing food, we will also need a WSU Request to Serve Food form.
  • Has the college IT Administrator reviewed software or technical equipment requests?
  • Is this a publication? If so, does it require an edit copy review?

Questions about Purchasing?

Contact Anna Christensen
Phone: (509) 335-1222