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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Graduate Studies

At the Murrow College, we recognize communication as a human process. We study this process using a variety of methods with an emphasis on social science and quantitative research. Many of our research efforts span content areas in ways that are unique, even as they overlap and share similarities.

We study the ways humans communicate interpersonally, as part of groups and organizations, and as a society using media and digital technology. In addition, because digital communication and media influences are far reaching and not bound by geographic boundaries, our research examines issues that span the globe. Whether people are communicating about health, international and public affairs or science and the environment, Murrow faculty are at the forefront conducting leading research concerning each of these and related areas.

Our Programs

Residential Master’s Program

Our master’s program is designed for those intending to pursue communication-related careers, or who wish to prepare for doctoral study. Successful completion of the program normally requires two academic years of full-time study and results in the granting of the Master of Arts in Communication.
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Residential Doctoral Program

Our doctoral program is designed to develop cutting edge researchers and effective teachers. In our doctoral program, you will work with diverse faculty who study health communication, media, society, and politics or science communication.
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Murrow College offers two 30-credit online graduate degree programs with an emphasis in strategic communication and health communication and promotion.

Online Graduate Certificates

Online graduate certificates are designed for working professionals who want to advance their credential in strategic communication or health communication and promotion.

Our Students

At the College of Communication, we strive to provide you with a graduate experience that will serve you both personally and professionally. Most of our students receive assistantship funding, are involved in leadership roles, and participate in a variety of extracurricular activities within and outside of the department. Many of our graduate students have received a variety of awards on and off campus. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our current and past graduate students and hope this tradition continues with you. Feel free to contact any of our graduate students to ask questions you may have about us.

Grad Students in VR Lab

Our Research

The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication is ranked #1 by ComVista in three research areas: Advertising, Literacy (i.e. media literacy) and Substance Abuse Prevention. We are a Top 10 department in a total of 27 communication research areas.


Two female student working in observation lab

Our Faculty

Faculty in the College of Communication are committed to high-quality teaching, as well as to scholarly research and publication. Faculty work alongside our graduate students to mentor them and help them gain the insights and skills needed to succeed. Be sure to take a look at the faculty profiles and their broad range of interests. They are here to help guide and mentor you.

Meet our Faculty

Stacey Hust talking to students