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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Transfer Students

Are you a prospective transfer student considering the Murrow College at WSU Pullman? Read the information below to learn about admission, courses, your next steps, and more!

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Read below for information regarding admission into WSU and the Murrow College of Communication:


  • Admission into the Murrow College of Communication
    • All students who meet with a Murrow College academic advisor at their Alive orientation program and indicate an interest in one of the Murrow College majors will be directly admitted into their program of choice.
    • Transfer students bringing in 30 + semester credits and a 3.0 + transfer GPA will also be directly admitted to the Murrow College. After consulting with a Murrow academic advisor at your Alive orientation, a transfer student with the below qualification will be able to take COM 300 in their first semester at WSU along with all remaining 100-level required core courses*:
      • Transferring with junior status (60 + semester credits),
      • With a 3.0 + transfer GPA, and
      • Has completed COM 101 or COM 105

If you don’t have all of the requirements listed above at the time of transfer, don’t worry! You will still be admitted to the Murrow College; you’ll just need to complete the 100-level core courses your first semester in order to progress into your major courses.

* 100-level core courses include: COM 101, COM 102, COM 105, and COM 138 


  • Courses You Should Take Prior to Transferring to WSU
    • We strongly advise you to take the following classes prior to transferring to WSU:
      • COM 101 [Media and Society]
      • COM 102 [Public Speaking in the Digital Age]
      • COM 105 [Communication in Global Contexts]
      • *Check the WSU Transfer Clearinghouse website to see what course numbers are equivalent to these WSU courses.
  • Courses That Must Be Taken at WSU
    • We have one course in the Murrow College that cannot be transferred from another institution:
      • COM 138 [Introduction to Communication]
  • Courses You Can Expect in Your First Year
    • If you will not transfer in the specific courses below, you will take them in your first year at WSU:
      • COM 101 [Media and Society]
      • COM 102 [Public Speaking in the Digital Age]
      • COM 105 [Communication in Global Contexts]
      • COM 138 [Introduction to Communication]
      • COM 210 [Multimedia Content Creation]
      • COM 300 [Writing in Communication]

Next Steps

Your Next Steps

After you are admitted to WSU and have confirmed your acceptance, follow the steps below to join the Murrow family:

  1. Send your official transcript from all institutions where you have earned college credit to the WSU Admissions Office.
  2. Learn more about how your credits and/or degree will transfer to WSU, and check the WSU Transfer Clearinghouse to see how your classes equate to WSU courses.
  3. Register to attend Alive Orientation to learn about WSU resources (look for the Alive for Transfer Students).
  4. Meet with a Murrow Academic Advisor at Alive Orientation to declare your interest in a Murrow Major and be directly admitted into the college.
  5. Attend the Murrow College Week of Welcome Academic Kickoff to learn more about the Murrow College, resources, requirements, and expectations for all new communication students.


Have questions? Contact us or schedule an appointment for more information!