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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Mission, Vision & Goals


“Responsibility is not something that can be assigned or delegated. And it promises its own reward: good business and good television.”
– Edward R. Murrow



The mission of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication is to expand Edward R. Murrow’s legacy through the embodiment of his values and expertise to serve the evolving fields of communication and mass communication.

To accomplish this mission the College facilitates articulate, effective, ethical communication on the part of individuals and institutions in the service of just democratic societies.


The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication will be recognized as an international leader in communication education and scholarship for its application of the values and expertise Murrow championed as a courageous, professional communicator and engaged citizen.


  1. To provide a professionally-oriented, skills-based education that emphasizes experiential learning and excellence in writing, speaking and digital communication skills.
  2. To highlight the ability to communicate articulately to global and diverse audiences, accentuating an entrepreneurial mindset with social responsibility.
  3. To develop meaningful, productive collaborations among Murrow College students and other units at WSU, relevant external organizations, communication professions and society in ways that facilitate clear, effective and ethical communication on the part of individuals and institutions.
  4. To expand opportunities for research and graduate education that place faculty and students at the cutting edge of communication scholarship contributing to the greater society by increasing our understanding of health, science, public affairs and related areas of scholarship.
  5. To cultivate a strong internal foundation for the Murrow College of Communication that successfully includes and extends to the Everett and Vancouver campuses and throughout Washington State.