By Emma Herro, Risk & Crisis Communication ’20

Meet Angelica!

Angelica Relente is a junior majoring in Journalism and Media Production at Murrow. She discovered Murrow College by searching schools with great journalism programs and she noticed that Murrow consistently ranked as one of the top colleges. She felt like her gut instinct was directing her to choose Murrow.

“It was one of those decisions where I just needed to follow my intuition,” Angelica said. “I’m from Hawaii, so on top of having a good journalism department, I wanted a school on the west side of the country so it wouldn’t be too far from home—Murrow fits both of those requirements.”

Angelica’s favorite parts about Murrow College are the professors and academic advisors. She genuinely feels that they want students to be successful in and out of the classroom, which is comforting.

“It’s always nice and reassuring to know that a lot of individuals in this department will always have your back no matter what,” Angelica said. “Professors like Lisa Waananen Jones, Alison Boggs, and Ben Shors are really who’s keeping me motivated to get my journalism degree.”

She has been involved with The Daily Evergreen since her freshman year, starting as a news reporter and eventually taking on other positions such as layout and news editor. She participated in the Rural Reporting Plunge for three semesters, which opened her eyes in terms of what reporting on rural areas was like. Angelica also played a part in starting Coronavirus Campus News (CCN) this past spring break, where student journalists launched a pop-up news site and Twitter page devoted to reporting the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on university communities and student life.

Post graduation, Angelica hopes to continue working in journalism at a small newspaper, either back home in Hawaii or here on the mainland. Wherever she ends up, Angelica feels confident that she can take on any challenge that comes her way.

“Murrow has been molding me for the past few years,” Angelica said. “I’m sure I’ll be ready to take on whatever life throws at me once I graduate.”