Sarah English’s dad proudly wore his Lake Woebegon Wippets hat in public around Richland (WA), and listened to Weekend Edition and Car Talk taking her back and forth from college at Washington State University. As a student Sarah naturally found her way to the station to meet the people behind the voices and see for herself where the service originated from. It was a thrill to not only be thanked on the air as a pledge drive volunteer, but to then come home that evening to a message on her answering machine from her dad saying how proud he was to hear her name mentioned on the air.

A teaching stint in Washtucna (WA) led to a career in public libraries, from Kahlotus and Chewelah (WA) to Omaha (NE), and the corporate library at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. Other experiences have included portraying Tase T. Lentil for Pullman’s Lentil Festival; co-chairing Chewelah’s Light Up the Park, “a Hallmark movie moment” of 1,951 glowing pumpkins along Highway 395; and writing the Cougar-to-Cougar column for The Chewelah Independent. She is a recipient of the Outstanding Service Award from the Washington State University Foundation.

As the saying goes, WSU Cougars always find their way back home, and Sarah is very excited to be back in the studios of NWPB as a staff member. She enjoys the fields and sky of the Palouse and spending time with the bears at WSU.