T.A. Experience:

Com 101

Com 105


R.A. Experience:

R.A. for Amanda Boyd


Research Interests:

Risk perceptions and communication, energy policy



M.A. in communication, University of Wyoming

B.B.A. in advertising and public relations, Hongik University


Conference Presentations:

Joo, J., Hmielowski, J, & Boyd, A.D. (2017). Risk perceptions of smart meters: Examining the role of privacy concerns, technological readiness, and technological norms. The Society for Risk Analysis. Arlington, VA.

Joo. J., Mayeda, M., Chakrabarti, K., Song, X., Wang, T., Hmielowski, J., & Boyd, A. D. (2016). Factors that influence public perspectives of energy development in Canada: results of a national survey on climate change and energy systems. The Society for Risk Analysis. San Diego, CA.