“The diverse skill sets I am learning through Murrow College has played a major role in my success in and out of the classroom.”

Meet Mitchell Weholt:
Mitchell, a senior, pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication with a major in Public Relations, found Murrow College through family. His father got his degree from Murrow College which inspired Mitchell to follow his footsteps. Mitchell grew up learning to use cameras at a very young age making home videos with his brother. This where his passion for content creation really started. When it was time for Mitchell to decide on a college degree he decided to move away from video production to go down the public relations track.

Murrow’s focus on getting students hands-on experience outside of the classroom is one of Mitchell’s favorite parts of the college. He appreciates how willing Murrow faculty are to work with him on projects outside of the class.

Clubs and Activities:
Mitchell is heavily involved with the National Student Advertising Competition team (NSAC) at WSU, and also is part of the Harold Frank Entrepreneur program. He has traveled all over the Pacific Northwest presenting and competing within these programs and has helped bring success to the teams. The knowledge he has gained from these experiences has really made an impact on him and his perceptive on the communication industry.

Future Career Dreams:
Mitchell’s future career dreams are still unclear, but with his passion for entrepreneurship, he wants to work with start-up companies or start his own company.