Working behind the scenes of broadcast production at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, Marvin Marcelo teaches Advanced Television Production, where students, in addition to their regular class assignments, work with the television news students to produce and air the nightly newscast, “Murrow News 8,” using professional broadcast equipment.

He also has served as the adviser for the student-run television station, Cable 8 Productions, since 2006.

His teaching focuses primarily in producing small and large screen video programs for traditional playback on television and streaming distribution on mobile devices, focusing on the differing display narratives for each audience.

He said many of his students have gone on to produce some major programs on television and the internet.

Marcelo graduated from San Jose State University and is a certified broadcast network technologist and member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE).

Marcelo also was the general manager of Northwest Public Radio and Television, which included managing a state-wide radio network, two television market program services, and the student-run jazz format station, KJEM.

His research interests include large and small screen cinema production.

In the future, Marcelo hopes to get students more involved with sports production, including the fast-growing world of e-sports, where he believes the Murrow College has the resources to secure a strong foothold in this career field.

In his downtime, he reads technical journals, builds computers, and tinkers with cars, as well as spends time with his wife and four WSU-alum children.