• Celebrating Excellence - Photo of Clarissa Ward

    Winner of the 2015 Murrow Award for Distinguished Journalism
    CBS War Correspondent Clarissa Ward on what it takes to be a journalist today
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  • Candid conversation with CBS Clarissa Ward

    Covering Middle East conflicts
    From being a woman journalist in Muslim countries to understanding what's behind the violence
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  • 2015 Murrow Hall of Achievement Inductees

    2015 Murrow Hall of Achievement Inductees
    Click here to learn what makes them great!
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  • Fear and the Vaccine Debate

    Why vaccine messages don't work on all skeptics
    Murrow research reveals answers
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  • From students to entrepreneurs

    How a classroom project becomes a reality
    Travel website Go-KEFI is headed for launch
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  • Murrow Research Nationally Ranked

    The Murrow College ranked 9th for publications
    Study reveals a legacy of research over the past two decades
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  • The Great Twitter Experiment

    How an experiential experience offers advanced learning
    Murrow students learn new ways to use Twitter to generate engagement
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  • Keith Jackson photos from building dedication

    The Murrow broadcast building is named for WSU alum Keith Jackson
    Watch a recording of the event here
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Professional training in multi-media journalism and broadcast production built on the Murrow tradition of ethics and responsibility.

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Specializations in Science Communication and the use of digital technology in media campaigns.

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Resources and information for our master’s and doctorate degree programs in Media & Health Promotion; Communication, Technology & Social Influence; and Science Communication.

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