“Every step of the way I always felt wanted at this university and that made me want to work hard.”

Meet Genevieve Harvey:
Genevieve Harvey is a senior, studying science communication and entrepreneurship while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication and society.

Finding Murrow:
Originally from Idaho, Genevieve is a non-traditional student. After graduating from high school she decided not to pursue post-secondary education. However, after a few years, she realized that graduating from college was something she truly wanted to do. After working at Olive Garden for many years, she decided to change jobs and work in the parks and rec. department at the community center in Richland, WA. They didn’t have the opportunities she was looking for to move up so she knew she had to make a big change.

She did her research into furthering her education and found herself looking to attend the WSU Tri-Cities campus. When she first called she felt welcomed right from the beginning. She had felt the faculty there genuinely wanted her and that they knew her decision to go to college was a significant life choice for her.

After her freshman year at the Tri-Cities campus, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the communication industry and knew that Pullman and Murrow College was her next step.

Clubs and Activities:
Genevieve is very active in the Harold Frank Entrepreneurship Institute. She is the director of outreach for the Frank Scholars. She is also in the second stage of peer reviewing for an article she helped co-authored.

Future Career Dreams:
Genevieve’s future career dream is to work for the company, Media Cause, where she can focus on working with non-profits. She is also interested in working for universities, non-governmental organizations, and has a love for helping small startup science companies.