“In Murrow College, you don’t just read a textbook, you go out, get creative and get feedback to get better.”

Meet Nathan Senff:
Nathan is a Senior pursuing a degree in Journalism and Media Production majoring in Broadcast News. He is a transfer student from Everett Community College.

Finding Murrow:
For as long as he can remember, Nathan wanted to work in the newsroom. He had seen a friend post online about doing an internship with a well-known news station and wanted to know how she had gotten that position. He reached out to her and she said one word, Murrow. She went on to tell him about the student-run newscasts from Murrow College. After hearing this, Nathan asked around his community college to learn more about Murrow. He really found himself drawn to Murrow and the community aspect of the college. He hadn’t even visited to campus or toured Murrow College until he was already admitted.

The networking opportunities and connections that Murrow College provides to students is a big reason why Nathan made the choice to attend. Murrow’s focus on connecting the community is another one of the things that drew Nathan to Murrow College.

Clubs and Activities:
Nathan is involved with the #CougsGive fundraising team, WSU Foundations Gala, Cable 8 News, Murrow News 8, NWPP, he is part of residence life, involved in Murrow Student Services, and is a Murrow Ambassador.

Out of all of the things Nathan is involved in, being a Murrow Ambassador stands out to him the most. He loves telling people about the Murrow legacy. He enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and helping them find a place in Murrow College.

Future Career Dreams:
Nathan’s biggest dream is to be a news anchor. He wants to be able to do what he loves, which is investigating, reporting, producing and being in the newsroom. He also has a minor in history and is considering working with museums. He also is open to teaching and going back to school to become a history professor.