“The faculty and staff in Murrow College have helped me find ways to fine-tune my skills as I prepare to go into the advertising world.”

Meet Duy Nguyen:
Duy Nguyen is a Junior pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication with a major in Advertising. Duy is originally from Vietnam and first studied to major in Business Administration. After one semester he knew that wasn’t his track. He found the world of advertising by doing a little research. He grew to appreciate the art and strategy that encompasses advertising.

Duy first went to a community college, however, he had always had his eye on WSU and Murrow College. He fell in love the Pacific Northwest and knew Washington was where he wanted to be. He had no idea what to expect coming to Pullman but he was excited for the adventure. Murrow’s specific Advertising major was unique to Duy and that was what drew him in. Duy also has an appreciation for the faculty and staff in Murrow College and the out-of-class opportunities they provide students.

Clubs and Activities:
Duy is the president of the Advertising Club on campus. In the Advertising Club he works with students to compete in smaller competitions, most recently they worked on a video for the project Yellow Light to highlight the dangers of texting and driving. He also was part of the PRSSA Bateman Competition team where they worked on the Com Calls All Campaign to bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the communications industry. He also is a photographer for Student Affairs.

Future Career Dreams:
Duy hopes to one day be an executive account manager for an advertising agency. He is always finding new ways to fine-tune his leadership skills to achieve this goal. He also would love to work in New York or stay in the Pacific Northwest and work in Seattle.