Xizhu is a Ph.D. candidate at Murrow. Her research interests lie at the intersection of health communication, strategic communication, and new media. Her recent research has specifically concentrated in the area of social media and mobile media with respect to health and social issues. In addition to research, teaching is central to her scholarship. As an independent instructor, she has taught Public Relations Principles, Intercultural Communication, and Advertising Principles and Practices (online). Prior to joining Murrow, Xizhu had worked in financial media and PR industry.

T.A. Experience:

COM 101

COM 105

COM 471

COM 210


Research Interests:

Health communication, communication technologies



M.A. in international and intercultural communication, University of Denver

B.A. in Japanese, Communication University of China

B.A. in TV editing and directing (minor), Communication University of China


Conference Presentations:

Borah, P., & Xiao, X. (August, 2017). Credibility perceptions of health information: The interplay of message framing and social endorsement in Facebook. Paper presented at the annual Conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (Communication Technology Division), Chicago, IL.