“The underlying principles that Murrow has provided, such as writing and public speaking, has allowed me to build a solid foundation as I start my career in the communications industry.”

Finding Murrow:
Shane transferred to WSU, from Bremerton, WA, as a wildlife ecology major. During his registration, he heard about Murrow College and realized he wanted to connect with people. He wanted to find a way to pursue a career where he can help both wildlife and make a connection with people. Now Shane is majoring in science communication and minoring in natural resources.

Murrow Impact:
Shane’s favorite part of Murrow College is how the Murrow faculty becomes so involved with the students outside of the classroom. He found it very important that the basic communication courses have helped him create a foundation for him to build on. He felt really pushed to go outside of his comfort zone to fine-tunes his skills for post-graduation.

Clubs and Activities:
He is very active in ESA (environment sustainability alliance) here on campus.

Future Career Dreams:
Shane wants to travel above all else. He wants to be a part of a non-government organization to fill the gap between their message and the people and to be on the frontlines of the campaigns.