Erin Tomson, a Pullman native, believes communication is a practical topic to study because everyone communicates every day.

Her education in the field of communication began at Midway College in Kentucky. In 2004, she began graduate school in Pullman and earned her doctorate in communication in 2010. She then joined the faculty at Oregon State University. In 2015, she returned to WSU, where she holds her current position as an instructor.

She is the course director for Public Speaking in the Digital Age, which enrolls about 1,000 students each semester, and she oversees the graduate student teaching assistants. She also teaches Reasoning and Writing and Crisis Communication courses.

She strives to make classes as interactive as possible, she said and tells students who feel they have little to say they can communicate a lot in discussions by sharing their daily life experiences.

Tomson’s research focuses on workplace interactions with coworkers, friendship maintenance, and looking at the socialization of new employees.

In her free time, she also communicates her life experiences by teaching horseback riding and by competing in equestrian events.

Bio authored by Shannon Heckt, Class of 2018