Derek Scheips combines his experience working in advertising, content marketing, and print journalism to bring a unique and practical approach to teaching undergraduate and master’s program classes in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

Before Scheips came to Washington State University, he had a hybrid career working in advertising and teaching online classes for various universities. In August 2016, Scheips started working fulltime for the Murrow College as a clinical assistant professor, teaching on-site and online classes at the North Puget Sound- Everett campus.

In the undergraduate program, Scheips teaches Writing in Communication and Reasoning and Writing. Scheips said he applies skills learned during his time as a print journalist to enhance the material he teaches in the classroom.

Scheips also teaches Consumer Insights, Creative Media Strategies, and Crisis Communication in Global Contexts in the master’s program, where he applies his 15 years of advertising experience and his knowledge of managing and organizing social media to bring real world examples to his students.

In addition, Scheips is working on a book proposal focused on social media. The book is motivated by his interest in researching how managing an individual’s or an organization’s digital and social media identity can influence success in the marketplace.

Bio authored by Cadee Christian, Class of 2018