Nicole Mirante-Matthews (’92 BA Broadcast Communication) is an acclaimed writer and producer in the television and film industry, honored recently for her work as co-executive producer/writer for CBS Networks€™s NCIS, the most-watched drama series on television. Nicole has worked as producer and/or writer for several hit television series, including Any Day Now (Lifetime), Huff (Showtime), Cane (CBS), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (USA), and The Nine (ABC).

Nicole’€™s writing routinely explores the issues of race, class, and gender and how each plays a role in society. Her first screenplay, Finding Bobby, was a finalist for the AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship, Chesterfield Fellowship, and Fade-In Awards in 1998. In 2011, her NCIS episode, “Freedom,” became the most-watched episode in series history, garnering more than 23 million viewers.

Nicole is involved in community work throughout the greater Los Angeles community, serving as volunteer and mentor at The Hollygrove Children’s Home. She also serves as a mentor and tutor to young screenwriters, inspiring and educating them about how to find their own voices and what it takes to become successful in the industry. She is a member of Sierra Club and of Move-On, one of the largest political action committees in the United States. Nicole is a strong supporter of WSU and The Murrow College, routinely engaging with students.