By Emma Herro, Risk & Crisis Communication ’20

Meet Kendrick!

Kendrick Griffin is a senior at WSU double-majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Biology-Basic Medical Sciences. Kendrick is a Pullman native and couldn’t imagine going to any other college, reiterating the phrase: “Once a Coug always a Coug!”

Kendrick first heard about the Murrow College from a career fair at her junior high school, where she met Dennis Bounds who was a King 5 news anchor at the time and is also a Murrow alum. She fell in love with the Murrow College’s mission on journalism ethics and the values behind being a truthful journalist.

Kendrick’s favorite thing about Murrow is the advising team, mentors and opportunities. She has always felt supported in her decisions to transition to more of a medical focus rather than journalism, specifically from Murrow Student Services staff. She’s grateful she double majored and has been able to gain useful experience in both writing and the medical field.

“My advisor, Megan Starr-Gepford, is amazing!” Kendrick said. “She has been my biggest supporter in Murrow … Since this was my junior year, she helped me finish my degree and connect with the WSU Health Professions Student Center to start my pre-med journey.

She is a student ambassador for the Health Professions Student Center (HSPC) at WSU, and also works at Roost Café and Market in downtown Pullman. A few years ago, she interned at Northwest Public Broadcasting and Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

In the future, Kendrick plans to take a gap-year where she hopes to travel, work, and take Spanish classes. After that, she plans on going to medical school. Although Kendrick isn’t pursuing a career in journalism after graduation, she credits Murrow with providing useful skills for her future.

“Murrow gave me a solid foundation in writing–something pre-meds don’t usually get–and I’m forever grateful that I’ll be able to have that throughout my career.”