By Madison Irving, Strategic Communication – Public Relations ’20

Meet Katie!

Katie Duncan is a senior double majoring in Public Relations and Crisis Communication with a minor in Human Development. Katie chose Murrow College because the majors offered were more in line with her career aspirations as well as the supportive alumni base.

“My favorite thing about the Murrow College is the fact that it is one big family,” Katie said. “I was welcomed into the college by every faculty member, staff member and student. I look forward to coming into Murrow everyday and feeling so included and supported.”.

Katie currently serves as president of the Murrow Student Ambassadors program. She is also secretary and treasurer for the Association for Women in Communication as well as an intern for WSU’s College of Education.

Katie’s favorite class at Murrow is Crisis Communication with Erin Tomson because the content is always based on what is happening in the world. Students In the class get to work with real-world clients to develop a crisis communication plan. This allows for students to think critically and develop skills relevant to the current job market.

After graduation, Katie’s goal is to work in the public relations department for a professional sports team. Her dream team to work for is the Miami Dolphins of the NFL.

Katie’s biggest piece of advice for incoming Murrow College students is to jump in with two feet and enjoy the ride.

“I have had the time of my life being a part of the Murrow family and the only way to make the most out of this experience is to get involved,” Katie said. “There are so many clubs to explore. I have met lifelong best friends through the Murrow College and getting involved so I would tell any incoming student getting involved is the most important.”