Meet Joelyn Hansen

What is the reason that people come to WSU for a kick start to their successful future? Is it cost effective? Maybe it’s just an overall great program for the average student? Both are true in this case.

Growing up within the Washington state borders, Joelyn Hansen looked over her future and decided it was time to make a change. Being out of school for fifteen years does add some anxiety and a sense of skepticism, but she pressed forward looking at her options on where she could enroll and find what she was looking for. The research she did over a vast amount of time brought her to the university within her home state, WSU.

Why WSU? “Being cost-effective, notably wonderful students and the overall atmosphere that came with both its community and programs became an easy decision for me to make,” she said.

There was one major worry on the back of her mind through the process, however. That issue was time management and being able to both support herself and further pursue her education. Joelyn needed to find a way to balance a full-time job, her coursework and life responsibilities if she was going to be successful. Thankfully, with proper time management and a little ingenuity, she found a way to incorporate aspects of her full-time job in the classroom and utilize her recently acquired program skills back at the office. All of which elevated her master’s program experience and gave her a great advantage in enhancing her career in the field of public relations.

She said, “this program was cost-effective and gave me practical skills to work in the industry of Public relations. The program was designed in a way that helped me immediately implementing what I was learning into my paid day-job.”
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Author: Pritha Agarwal, Oct 2018