Meet Joanna Larrimore:

She had been working in TV production for nearly a decade. She lived in Los Angeles, managed projects, arranged presentations, and was a production coordinator. But Joanna loved marketing and, despite her impressive background, needed career-related experience in that field.

“As a growing professional, I knew that the investment in my career development didn’t stop at undergrad,” she said.

In January 2014, she enrolled in WSU’s online strategic communication master’s program offered through The Edward R. Murrow College. Why WSU? Two reasons. “WSU is a respected institution,” she said, “and the degree was provided in an online format that met my needs as a full-time working professional.”

Larrimore raced through the program, taking summer courses, and was among the first graduates in December 2015.

The program, she said, provided a good balance of theory and application. “Upon graduation from WSU, I felt confident that I was now armed with the equivalent of two years’ experience in a marketing related field, and could speak to it with knowledge and expertise.”

Larrimore is now the VP of Product Management, Payroll Applications for Entertainment Partners. She lives in the greater Phoenix area. “I’ve become WSU’s own personal walking talking commercial,” she said.
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