“My professors are there not just to hand me information but to help me find ways to succeed.”

Meet Elijah Clayton:
Elijah, a Senior pursuing a Journalism and Media Production degree with a major in Broadcast News, is a transfer student from Pacific Lutheran University. He originally was on track to get a Kinesiology degree, however, he realized his true passion was for being creative and decided to work towards a career in the communications industry. One of the things that stands out the most to Elijah, as a Murrow student, is the faculty and staff. He appreciates the involved and genuine care he gets from his professors.

Clubs and Activities:
Elijah is involved with the women’s basketball team’s Gray Squad as a practice player. He also has been a part of Cable 8, and Murrow News 8. Working with Murrow News 8 has been a big moment for him. Instead of sitting in a lecture class he is getting real hands-on experience every week. Being able to start the week from scratch and create a polished end product for the news station has been one of his favorite experiences as a Murrow Student.

Future Career Dreams:
His future plans have changed quite a bit as Elijah reaches graduation. He plans to take his degree and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He feels very confident that the skills he’s learned in Murrow College has well prepared him for this post-graduation world. Murrow College has lead him to appreciate journalism and that is something that resonates with him as he starts his career in storytelling.