By Madison Irving, Strategic Communication – Public Relations ’20

Meet Bailey!

Bailey Maykovich is a junior studying Strategic Communication with a focus in Public Relations. Bailey chose Murrow College because she saw how involved students are with the college and wanted that experience for herself.

“My favorite thing about Murrow is how easy it is to connect with faculty members and other students,” Bailey said. “I place great value in my relationships with the faculty here and it is so great to know that I have so many professionals to look to as role models.”

Having been a part of the Running Start program in high school, Bailey had the opportunity to graduate from WSU as a sophomore, but chose to stay another two years to pursue a second degree from Murrow College. She attributes her decision to the valuable experience Murrow College offered her as well as taking advantage of the relationships she has worked hard to build.

Bailey serves on the executive board of the Association of Women in Communications chapter at WSU and was a member of the Bateman Team for the PRSSA 2019-2020 Case Study Competition, where she helped create the Cougs For Census campaign.

“My experience being on the Bateman team is my most memorable experience since becoming a part of Murrow,” she said. “I competed with three other students to create an awareness campaign and the public relations experience that this competition gave me is unmatched by any other experience.”

One of her favorite aspects of being a Murrow student is the opportunity to have class with her friends and peers that have similar career aspirations. Her favorite course at Murrow College so far has been COMSTRAT 381 – Creative Media Strategies and Techniques for Advertising, because she was able to explore her own sense of creativity.

If she could offer one piece of advice to incoming Murrow students, it would be to connect with faculty in any way possible and take advantage of the many clubs and organizations that Murrow has to offer.