Anna Centrella Thayer is a 1987 WSU Murrow College of Communications graduate, earning a BA in communication, with emphasis on public speaking.  As a result of her consistent achievement and quantifiable success as a senior leader in numerous technology companies, Thayer has created a demand for other companies to tap into her expertise, leading her to form Influencer’s Edge Consulting.  With over 23 years’ experience in crafting and executing global sales methodologies and strategies, Thayer brings a unique “hands-on” approach to her business plans.  Her ability to quickly analyze broad business challenges by, immersing herself into the company, allows her to pinpoint the best possible solutions. As a dynamic, motivating speaker, Thayer is able to influence behaviors to ensure individual and corporate success.

Originally from Palo Alto, California, Thayer returned to California following graduation, jumping into an outside sales position with (then) Airborne Express.  Within a year, she was promoted to World Wide Sales Trainer and relocated to the corporate office in Seattle, Washington. Thayer credits the training and education she received in the area of public-speaking while at WSU as a key factor in her success. During her tenure as the company’s top sales trainer, Thayer, herself, completed over 5,300 training programs and was personally certified in over 92 programs.

A believer in life-long learning and the need to constantly be challenged, Thayer moved to the technology start-up world by joining InterCall, Inc., a ground level, global conferencing company, based in Atlanta, Georgia.  After just two years with the company, she was promoted to the role of Vice President of Western Sales, with six offices and over 60 employees reporting to her. InterCall’s success launched two other start-up companies: (became and (became

Throughout her career, Thayer has won countless sales awards and received national recognition for her energetic leadership style.  Growing companies and developing people are the passions that dictate how Thayer spends her time currently.  Thayer resides in Palo Alto, California, with her husband and four children. Grateful for the education she received at WSU, Thayer is honored to focus her time on the students of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication