The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication honored Yan Su and Xizhu Xiao, graduate students in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, for their research.

Yan Su, a doctoral student studying emerging technology and political communication at WSU, earned second place in AEJMC’s Top Student Paper Award in the Communication Theory and Methodology Division for his paper titled “A Territorial Dispute or An Agenda Battle? A Cross-National Examination of the Network and Intermedia Agenda-Setting Effects between Newspapers and Twitter on Diaoyu Islands Dispute.” He co-wrote the paper with Jun Hu of Rice University. 

Su also received third place in the Top Student Paper Award category from the Electronic News Division for his paper titled, “WeChat or We Set? Examining the Intermedia Agenda-Setting Effects among WeChat Public Accounts, Party Newspaper and Metropolitan Newspapers in China.” 

Xizhu Xiao earned the Lori Eason Prize for Graduate Student Research in the Communication Science, Health, Environment and Risk Division for her paper titled “Follow the Heart or the Mind? Examining Cognitive and Affective Attitude on HPV Vaccination Intention.” Each year, ComSHER recognizes the top student-authored papers presented in a ComSHER session at the AEJMC annual conference with this prize. This $1,000 award, the largest student award at AEJMC, is named in honor of Lori Eason, a former journalism and University of Texas at Austin doctoral student who passed away in 2002. As of 2018, the Eason Award is divided among the top three student-authored papers.

Xiao is a doctoral candidate studying the intersection of health communication, strategic communication, and new media. She seeks to answer how health practitioners can strategically design and distribute persuasive messages via emerging communication technologies to influence public health attitudes and behaviors.


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