Wendy has a background in arts and natural resource education, and ethnography. As a lifelong learner, she has a drive to better understand how college students engage in transformative learning through experiential processes, building agency and self-efficacy.

She has had a variety of career experiences from teaching art, to being a park ranger, and the past 4 years as a career advisor in higher education. A major focus has been researching and building opportunities for students to understand and leverage NACE Career Competencies. She enjoys helping students lean into their strengths and see the value in their own personal stories and experiences through the career exploration process.

Wendy lives in rural Deary, Idaho and is currently working on a PhD in Education, Curriculum and Instruction focusing on Maker-Centered Learning Experiences in Maker Spaces. In her free time she makes art, explores the outdoors, and attends pow wows with her husband who is a Blackfeet elder and Northern Plains Men’s Traditional dancer.


  • Associate Degree in Wilderness Management, Ely Community College
  • Bachelor of General Studies, University of Idaho
  • Master of Arts, Anthropology, University of Idaho