Meet Tricia Gilmore

There is a lot of appreciation and regard towards Washington State University and the success that has been given to hard-working students. In the case of Tricia Gilmore, there is much to be said about her gratitude towards the university.

With the skills she gained at her time with WSU through the online master’s in arts in Strategic Communication, she managed to reach the position as a Marketing Director, a profession that requires more than a sizable amount of effort and knowledge.

While Tricia was looking for a solid MA program to further her education, she came across the online Master’s in Strategic Communication program offered by WSU. Of course, skepticism is always a factor regardless of who you are. Gilmore combated this skepticism by purchasing a few textbooks before applying for the program to confirm it was what she was looking for. These words were to be followed by “this is it.” Not only would this program be great for her educational purposes, but it would also be certain that no matter how long she was in it, she would stay excited throughout it all.

She said, “I searched for the right program for quite some time and considered an MA in writing, psychology, research and digital design but none were the right fit. Strategic Communication was perfect!”

When being asked “why WSU of all places,” she responded with: “the program included courses that were not only relevant to my interests but created excitement as well. WSU’s reputation solidified my decision.”

Her position at the time was a tough one. While raising three teenage children, she and her husband felt she could manage the online environment. With this program giving her both the flexibility at home and at school, Gilmore heightened and broadened all her existing skills in design. Combining all her years of experience with the new knowledge of the current trends and strategies, she was able to press further in her career to achieve the position she has today.
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Author: Pritha Agarwal, Oct 2018