As Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the Murrow College, I oversee the Murrow Center for Student Success. I work with a great team of professional advisors, career specialists and program coordinators.
As a team, we provide academic and career advising to over 1100 students. In addition, we work with the Dean and faculty to coordinate the Murrow course schedule. We offer pre-college advising and Murrow tours to prospective students and their families. Our Career Ready program supports students in developing career prep skills, resumes, LinkedIn and portfolios. Committed Murrow alumni give of their time as mentors and professional coaches. The faculty in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication are the best in their fields, and the MCSS has the honor to help support the work they do in teaching and research. I have been with Murrow since September of 2014, and it has been the most rewarding career. Murrow is a special community.

Prior to joining Murrow, I was an academic advisor in The Carson College of Business at WSU. I have also worked at the University of Idaho and Iowa State University. My passion is helping students be successful in college while figuring out where their place in the world. I am
an advocate for emotional well-being. I work to ensure that our students know that they are part of a community that is here to offer support and guidance as they travel down their higher education pathway.


Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies: Child Development and Sociology; University of Idaho, 2011

Bachelor of Science in International Studies: Psychology and Sociology; University of Idaho, 2005