By Emma Herro, Risk & Crisis Communication ’20

Meet Kaylee Zuhlke! Kaylee is a senior at Murrow College majoring in Science Communication with a Psychology minor. Kaylee chose Murrow because of the overall friendly, family-like atmosphere, and was drawn to how helpful and welcoming the advisors at Murrow were.

Kaylee remembers the first time she met Sara Stout, Assistant Dean of Student Services at Murrow College, and recalls how “she seemed like a person who I could always go to when I needed help with something, which was a very important factor as a college student about to leave home for the first time.”

Kaylee presented on the Student Panel for COM 138, the Communication Overview course for Murrow College, because she finds it rewarding to help out new Murrow students. She is also a science communication intern at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Outside of the classroom, people can find Kaylee “eating out at restaurants or online shopping for concert tickets.”

She loves how everyone at the Murrow college is supportive of one another despite the differences in each student’s individual specializations. She credits this to all students going through certain upper-level courses to certify.

“We all bonded through our struggles and we’ll always have that as a mutual challenge we overcame.” she says.

Since coming to Murrow, Kaylee has grown as a young professional and credits the entire Murrow faculty and Murrow Student Services team for helping her build the skills necessary to succeed in her future career.

“I think the entire faculty of Murrow has been incredibly helpful in guiding me along the process of preparing myself to enter the professional world,” Kaylee said. “My advisors are very motivational and I know I can always go to them for reassurance, while my professors have been great at teaching me what is going to be expected of me in the workplace.”

She graduates this May and plans to relocate back home to Kennewick, WA and pursue an internship or entry level job at one of the science labs in the area. She believes this will allow her to get her foot in the door of science communication locally and will benefit her pursuing her Master’s degree in the future.