Meet Alysha O’Kelley

She needed a confidence boost. So, she found Murrow.

Alysha O’Kelley took a risk and made a change to pursue her passion for creativity

It was on an oil and gas field in Alaska, working as a project coordinator, that Alysha Anne O’Kelley made a big decision. It was time to make a change, pursue her passions, and take the steps necessary to shift her career path.

O’Kelley earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and public communication from the University of Alaska. As she pursued new professional opportunities, she found that the greatest missing element of her job descriptions was creativity. Over time she realized she needed new skills that would boost her confidence and showcase core competencies necessary to pursue positions in marketing, design, and integrated communication. It was at this moment she decided it was time to go back to school.

In the summer of 2017, she enrolled in WSU’s online strategic communication master’s program. Why WSU? Two reasons. “The topics covered in the program was something I was interested in learning about. I feel much more confident in my skills now,” she said, and “the program allowed me to fall back in love with the communication field and didn’t make me want to walk out.”

This program helped developed her passion for creating creative and interactive content and enhanced her portfolio for her future employment opportunities.

Another reason? The program is fully online with no requirement to ever come to campus or be in the course space at specific times. This flexibility provided her with the balance of studying on her own schedule in the comforts of home while balancing a full-time job and preparing for a new baby. It also empowered her to manage course tasks on her own terms without unreasonable restrictions or expectations.

“The assignments given to us were unique. They had requirements and descriptions, but we were given license to run them in our own way. Anyone walking in could meld the assignments with their personal style,” she said. “Assignments gave us the flexibility to be creative.”

Today O’Kelley is a new mom completing her program in December and working as a marketing coordinator where she can apply her new creative skills every day in digital content creation and web development.
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Author: Pritha Agarwal, Oct 2018