Lynn Espinoza is the trusted communications coach for some of the world’s most dynamic brands. She is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast news veteran with more than 15-years executive coaching experience. Lynn has developed personal coaching and storytelling sessions for Fortune 100 C-level executives, corporate communicators of all kinds, doctors, lawyers, authors and leaders in non-profit. Her unwavering goal is to help the executive who needs to speak well to do well. She has published articles on C-level presentation skills as well mainstream and digital media training and is frequently asked to contribute her storytelling expertise to conferences and panel discussions for some of the nation’s leading companies and PR organizations. 

Lynn has conducted presentation training, media training, message development and storytelling workshops across the U.S. and worldwide, delivering customized trainings for clients in Asia, Latin America and throughout Europe. In addition to presentation and media training, Lynn designs and customizes programs for executive and team communication as well as crisis communication. 

Speak! Communications clients include: Salesforce, Microsoft, Starbucks, The Boeing Company, eBay, Facebook, United Airlines, MediaTek (Asia), REI, Nordstrom, Honeywell, Sony Electronics, f5 Networks, Premera, T-Mobile, Taco Bell (Yum Foods), Columbia Sportswear, Brooks Running / Brooks Sports, Washington State University, Seattle’s Best Coffee, NBBJ, Nexenta, VigLink, Sumologic, WE Worldwide, Edelman Communications, Karbo Communications, Maxwell PR and Bladonmore Communications (London).