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The Murrow Symposium is a series of events designed for high-level discussion, leading innovation and strategy development for thought leaders who are passionate and influential in the world of communication.

Through a mixture of industry experts, speakers, interactive experiences and opportunities for conversation, the Murrow Symposium explores the communication industry, our challenges and accomplishments and opportunities for development and growth.

Our audience includes those looking to gain insight and inspiration into the advertising, public relations, science communication, communication technology, and journalism and media production industries. The Murrow Symposium is crucial for communication students and professionals who exemplify a commitment to excellence and integrity emblematic of Murrow’s career and legacy.


stacked logoThe human voice is a tool of great power and persuasion: it can stimulate joy, bring us to tears, express anger, and create empathy and understanding.

Using our voice verbally, in print, or through machines is a way to express our unique style, personality, experience, and opinion. At their worst, our voices disseminate misinformation, disinformation, and hate. At their best, we can use our voices to break down systemic barriers and open doors that may have otherwise remained locked.

At this year’s 45th Murrow Symposium, we focus on how we communicate personally and professionally, as individuals and as representatives of our collective whole.



The Murrow Symposium celebrates new thinking in communication – innovative ways to address our challenges, concepts that build our industry and opportunities for collaboration among industry leaders.


We invite thought leaders from a variety of disciplines to share their work at Murrow Symposium, providing a dynamic force for progress in communication and media. We seek to inspire leadership, collaboration, and innovation.


Murrow Symposium brings together experts in various fields of communication to teach and interact, which serves to elevate Murrow College, Washington State University and the broader communication industry.

Symposium History

Long before the University began honoring journalistic excellence with awards, the College of Communication was at the forefront of communication excellence. Beginning in the 1970s, the College of Communication created thought-provoking forums and discussions focused on topics such as:

  • The First Amendment and Broadcasting
  • International Rights of Media News Flow
  • Reshaping American Democracy
  • The Information Society: The Ethical and Social Issues
  • The Murrow Heritage: Challenge for the Future
  • Ally or Adversary? The Press in International Affairs
  • Violence in America: Is TV to Blame?

The Murrow Symposium is an annual program that acknowledges exceptional achievement in communication, celebrates scholarship, and connects students to industry professionals. The symposium began more than 30 years ago as a panel discussion and lecture series designed to honor the legacy of Murrow, regarded as a broadcasting icon because of the news reporting and ethical standards he brought to his craft.

Since the 1990s, the Murrow School has honored the achievements of top leaders in the communication industry at the symposium. Each year’s honoree presents a public address on campus to highlight the symposium.


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