Teaching Interests

  • Social media engagement
  • Digital media strategy and metrics
  • Integrated strategic communications
  • Advertising
  • Brand and consumer behavior
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Learning Experience Design (LXD)
  • Instructional design for online course and program delivery


Rebecca Cooney is an educator, training facilitator, and entrepreneur.  She is a Les Smith Distinguished Professor at Murrow College at Washington State University, where she is known for her expertise in strategic communication, branding, and digital marketing. With 26 years of experience in professional communication, she is dedicated to pursuing projects and scholarly activities that advance the field of integrated marketing communication, and she has a passion for developing innovative learning experiences. Rebecca is an award-winning professor whose talents in teaching and scholarship have been recognized by multiple organizations including six educator fellowships, President’s Distinguished Teaching Award for Career-Track Faculty, and the Muriel Oaks Award for innovation in teaching. Outside of teaching, she is a co-investigator and communications strategist on a NCCIH/NIH-funded grant called the Center of Excellence for Natural Product-Drug Interaction Research, primary coordinator for undergraduate assessment initiatives for Murrow College, and serves on the Board of Trustees for FāVS News. She also recently concluded nine years of service as Director of Murrow Online Programs. She is professionally certified in learning experience design (LXD) and hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in communications.


Research Projects

Ms. Cooney bridges her professional experience with her passion for research and discovery.  In 2013, she worked on a research project for the Miller Coors/Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation called Great Plays where she provided support and expertise in email, web development, and analytics. She is a co-investigator for the Center of Excellence in Natural-Product Drug Interaction Research (NaPDI), a 10-year NIH/NCCHIH-funded grant ($20m). She serves on the Informatics Core alongside Murrow College’s Dean Bruce Pinkleton. They manage the main website, lead communication strategy, support subject recruitment campaigns, and lead their social media strategy. Their multi-channel outreach efforts for two subject recruitment campaigns in 2021-2022 directly contributed to the success of meeting objectives in the recruitment of 40 research subjects for important studies of kratom and goldenseal.

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