Teaching Interests

·         Social media engagement

·         Digital media strategy and metrics

·         Integrated strategic communications

·         Brand and consumer behavior

·         User experience design (UX)

·         Instructional design for online course and program delivery

Rebecca L. Cooney is a professional communicator with more than 26 years of strategic communication experience in conceptual design, implementation, monitoring and metrics of comprehensive integrated projects and campaigns for traditional media and digital platform initiatives. In addition to her ongoing activities in industry, she is a Scholarly Associate Professor of Strategic Communication, Director of Murrow Online Programs, and a Research Associate with The Center of Excellence for Natural Product-Drug Interaction (NaPDI), a collaborative natural product and drug interaction grant sponsored by NIH.

Cooney is an award-winning instructor with more than 12 years teaching in-person and online courses. She is the recipient of the 2019 Oaks Award for innovation in teaching, 2015 Scripps Howard Visiting Professor in Social Media, and 2014 Plank Center Educator Fellow awards. She is a published author and holds certifications in digital analytics and leadership. She is a published author, experienced presenter and trainer, and often serves on professional panels.

Her primary interests are in digital marketing strategy and learning experience design. She seeks projects and opportunities related to student experiential learning, digital communication strategy, and online teaching mastery.

Research Collaboration

The Center of Excellence for Natural Drug Interaction Research (NaPDI) provides leadership in the study of natural product-drug interactions, with the ultimate goal of developing a definitive approach to determine the clinical relevance of pharmacokinetic interactions between natural products (NPs) and conventional medications. The NaPDI Center consists of three scientific cores (Pharmacology, Analytical, and Informatics), along with an Administrative Core that coordinates activities between the Scientific Cores and liaises between the NaPDI Investigators and NCCIH program officials. Since 2015, Cooney and Dean Bruce Pinkleton have served on the Informatics Core. They are responsible for the planning, design, creation, and evaluation metrics of the public portal that provides access to the organized raw data housed in a repository. They also lead efforts in communication strategy, market research, and web analytics.


Selected Publications


Cooney, R. L. (2018). “Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns,” 2nd ed. Dubuque, IA: Great River Learning. ISBN #9781680757965, 2nd Edition

Journal Articles & Refereed Presentations

Boyce, RD., Ragueneau-Majlessi, I., Yu, J., Tay-Sontheimer, J., Kinsella, C., Chou, E., Brochhausen, M.,  Judkins, J., Gufford, BT., Pinkleton, BE., Cooney, R.,  Paine, MF., McCune, JS. Developing User Personas to Aid in the Design of a User-Centered Natural Product-Drug Interaction Information Resource for Researchers. Proceedings of the 2018 Conference of the American Medical Informatics Association. Washington DC.  2018. 279-287. PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6371317.

Boyce, R. D., Ragueneau-Majlessi, I., Yu, J., Sontheimer, J., Kinsella, K., Chou, E., Brochhausen, M., Judkins, J., Gufford, B. T., Pinkleton, B. E., Cooney, R., Paine, M. F., McCune, J. S. (2018, November).  Developing user personas to aid in the design of a user-centered natural product-drug interaction information resource for researchers.  Poster presented to the Annual Symposium of the American Medical Informatics Association, San Francisco, CA.

Boyce, R. D., Ragueneau-Majlessi, I., Yu, J., Sontheimer, J., Kinsella, K., Brochhausen, M., Judkins, J., Pinkleton, B. E., Cooney, R., Paine, M. F., McCune, J. S. (2017, November).  Toward a reliable and interoperable public repository for natural product-drug interaction study data. Poster presented to the Annual Symposium of the American Medical Informatics Association, Washington, D.C.

Cooney, C. Cooney, R.L. (2018, October). “A Student-focused approach to cultivating a creative innovation ecosystem” Poster session presented at the EDUCAUSE Conference, Denver, CO.

Trade Articles

Cooney, R.L. (2020, Jun 22). “Connecting with Students from a Distance: 10 Ways to Stay Engaged Inside and Outside the Learning Environment.” Evolllution

Cooney, R.L. (2019, Oct 17). “Conscious Onboarding: 10 Ways to Support New Online Instructors.” Evolllution

Research Interests

·         Social media engagement and behavior analysis

·         Brand and consumer behavior

·         User experience design (UX)

·         Learning experience design (LXD)

Personal Biography

Rebecca L. Cooney earned her MS in communication at Eastern Washington University in the College of Arts and Sciences, and BA in organizational communication at California State University, Sacramento. She started her career in account management at a full-service ad agency and over the years served in leadership roles in marketing and business development in the public sector. She spent more than 10 years in higher education as an administrator for university relations, marketing, and website development. Cooney is married with four children and resides in Pullman, WA. She considers herself a lifelong learner and finds experiential learning opportunities to be the most beneficial and applicable to everything she does.

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