M.A., Communication, Washington State University
B.S., Communication, University of Utah
A.A.S, Biology, College of Western Idaho

Teaching experience:
COM 102: Public Speaking in the Digital Age (instructor-of-record)

Research interests:
Entertainment media
Human-computer interaction
Computer-mediated communication
Computation methodologies
Political communication


Vishnevskaya, A., Hilton, K., Price, R., Thatcher, G., Zhang, Z., & Tan, A. (2023). 2022 Beijing winter Olympic games: The effect of media visual primes on American public opinion about the Olympics and China. International Communication Gazette. Advance online publication.

Conference presentations:

Vishnevskaya, A., Barton, J., Hilton, K., Price, R., Thatcher, G., & Zhang, Z. (2022, August). The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: Media visual images and COVID-19 [Paper presentation]. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference, Detroit, MI, USA.

Geoffrey Thatcher & Gary Huffman. (2022, July 15). Theme 11: Communication and dissemination of UI-ASSIST activities [Panel]. UI-ASSIST Annual Meeting, Denver Colorado.

Thatcher, G. (2022, March). Making connections: Power and communications [Poster presentation]. Sci Talk conference, Portland, OR, USA.

Geoffrey D. Thatcher
is a Ph.D. student at the Murrow College of Communication. Geoffrey’s research focuses on investigating the way in which people and content interact within virtual spaces. This includes developing new computational methodologies to make existing research easier and allowing new approaches to answer complex research questions.

Geoffrey also specializes in science communication working with the Voiland College of Engineering. In this position, he works to share science discoveries with the public and study how those communications could be better, as well as educate future engineers and scientists on how to best communicate their discoveries.

Geoffrey’s previous experience in industry lays the foundation of his work. He has over 3 years of experience in technology and media from working at Netflix where he worked as a technical research analyst. He also brings over 5 years of experience in multimedia journalism; having worked at KSL, Deseret News, and KBOI.