Carolyn Sawyer was 16 when she entered Washington State University. Before 30, she was a correspondent at ABC News in New York and Anchor for LIFETIME Television Network.

After nearly two decades on-air in major tv markets, Sawyer founded The Tom Sawyer Company (TSC) in 1996. TSC’s core competencies focused on Communications Contact, which included a full-service Call Center, Strategic Instructional Training, Multimedia Coaching and Production for Public Outreach, Education and Engagement.

President George W. Bush appointed Sawyer to the National Commission for the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, et al. highlighting the landmark Supreme Court decision that ended school segregation in America. Sawyer is one of several high-profile individuals featured in the best seller “Children of the Dream”. She previously served as a Board member for the National Association of Black Journalist.

In 2021, The Sawyer Family Educational Fund was established for future Murrow Communications students.