Meet Brenda Kinzinger

There are many cases where individuals take a long absence from studies than they originally planned. A mother named Brenda Kinzinger is no different from those individuals even after already obtaining a bachelor’s degree. A lot of us can relate to people such as Brenda. Her personal interest is very similar to most people when it comes to creativity and fuelling that creativity. “The most thrilling part of costume designs is finding the best materials. I visit consignment stores, flea markets, and dollar stores for usable items,” Brenda said about herself. This self-interest and passion for her hobby is admirable and relative, but what are her primary goals? This leads to the future of her academics.

Why WSU? “I was attracted to Washington State University based on its academic reputation, affordable price as well as attaining masters solely online, which gave me the opportunity to continue working at my full-time job,” she said.

Of course, there is always room for skepticism even in Brenda’s place. “I was skeptical that the online program wouldn’t be challenging. I started classes. I found the professors challenged me through readings and assignments. I’ve learned so much over the length of my course work.” Her experience alone gave light that even the online based programs can not only give you the time to push forty hours a week but also have the engaging atmosphere of pursing and developing your education.

The benefits of WSU shined many glimmering rays of hope. All in personal growth academically and what goes beyond the doors of the “every day” classrooms. By being challenged, students grow and obtain lifelong experiences that can help drive them into success.

Even after all the challenges she faced in her time at WSU, being time management, the decision to even get back into studying, Kinzinger found the appreciation of her efforts and is entering her sixteenth year working in Baltimore County Library as a Media Service specialist with eyes set on a management position in the digital media or communication’s industry, a position that would be much harder to reach if she hadn’t made the tough call and returned to school to gain the knowledge she was missing within the marketing field.
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Author: Pritha Agarwal, Oct 2018