Bob Brunkow graduated in 1968 from the Murrow College of Communication at WSU as a Ist Gen. student.
Bob earned his communication degree with an emphasis in advertising and broadcast management while pursuing a 2nd major in business administration-marketing management.

While at Murrow, Bob served as business manager of the Evergreen, and sales manager for KUGR.
Upon graduation from WSU, Bob joined Pacific Northwest Bell and later AT&T.
By 1971 Bob’s entrepreneurial passion led him to start his own company.
He founded the North American arm of ICOM, a manufacturer and international distributor of two-way communication and navigation equipment.
Over the next four decades, Bob’s interest in communications and its emerging technology helped ICOM become a global leader and technology innovator in the fields of amateur radio, marine, aviation, commercial radio and navigation equipment.
While CEO of ICOM America in Bellevue he became active in community affairs especially Seafair in Seattle. Bob served in various other capacities on the Seafair executive board for 30+ years and was Seafair President in 1989.
Following Bob’s retirement from ICOM, he remained active in the community with particular emphasis on helping entrepreneurs and inventors in starting businesses. He serves on the board and as a mentor at Northwest Innovation Resource Center in Bellingham and also assists in mentoring new businesses in Friday Harbor with the Economic Development Council.
Bob is active on the Murrow advisory board. He has mentored Murrow students both on the Pullman and Everett campus’s.
Bob’s long-standing passion in aviation has served him well in giving back to the community. Through Angel Flight and San Juan Eagles, he volunteers as a pilot, using his aircraft to fly patients from rural to urban centers for medical treatments.
He has two sons Rob and Brian and two grandchildren. Bob’s granddaughter Haley is Murrow Coug in her Junior year.
Bob resides in Friday Harbor, Washington with his wife Carol.