By Emma Herro, Risk & Crisis Communication ’20

Meet Ariel Iacobazzi!

Ariel is a junior at the Murrow College majoring in Journalism and Media Production, with an emphasis on Broadcast News and Broadcast Production. Ariel was originally hesitant to come to WSU since she wanted to stay closer to home in Enumclaw, WA. However, after doing research on the university and the Murrow College, she fell in love with the school.

Ariel is the Human Resources Director for Cable 8 Productions and a Murrow Ambassador. In Fall 2019, she was a host at the 40th WSU Foundation Recognition Gala. Outside of Murrow, she also works at the SPARK Starbucks.

Since coming to Murrow, Ariel believes she has learned to be her best self.

 “I have learned to work with a variety of personalities, how to lead by example, and the importance of connections… I have also learned how to be a solid reporter through the various journalism courses that Murrow College offers,” Ariel said.

Ariel is involved with Murrow News 8 (COMJOUR 465), where she’s learning how to construct strong news packages and other on-camera duties such as producing and being an anchor for sports and weather. She credits these interactive classes for making her feel career-ready.

“It has been in classes like these [Murrow News 8] where I have learned specifics about the industry that others may not learn in other schools,” Ariel said. “Learning these hands-on experiences has been amazing and life-changing.”

Ariel’s favorite part of Murrow is the relationships she’s formed with faculty, staff, and other Murrow students.

“I have made some life-long friends here, and have created some pretty amazing experiences for myself through my studies, and through various clubs,” Ariel said. “I’ve never felt so comfortable around a group of people. I also love the advisors and the professors here. I have learned so much from them, and I am so grateful for the experiences they have given me.”

Ariel graduates next year, but she already has big career plans. She hopes to become a news anchor in a small or medium-sized market, then work her way up to a larger market like Los Angeles or New York. She looks up to alumni such as Ana Cabrera and Veronica Miracle. Ariel appreciates the Murrow College for providing challenging, yet beneficial classes.

“I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t chosen to come to the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.”