David E. Silva is a third year PhD student in the Murrow College of Communication. He is Director of University Affairs for WSU’s Graduate and Professional Student Association and Manager of Murrow’s VR Lab in Jackson Hall. His research interests focus on online media and computer mediated communication, especially new technology. This research is usually done through quantitative methods and applied to topics of political discourse. Currently, he is working on several projects featuring political engagement in social media spaces and campaign messaging on digital platforms. He is also conducting experiments on discussion forum design and how digital cues impact perceptions of group conversation norms and perceived levels of incivility.

In 2017, he helped found the VR Lab and worked to create a space where faculty and students can gain hands on experience with the most up-to-date virtual reality technology and software. He and the VR Team conduct experiments using room-scale VR and provide demos to instructors and curious students. His most recent article was published in Computer in Human Behavior titled “A slap or a jab: An experiment on viewing uncivil political discussions on Facebook.” His CV, writings, and current list of projects can be found at dataesilva.wordpress.com. To reach him, email david.silva@wsu.edu.