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Have you ever wanted an opportunity to study abroad? Do you have a passion for learning outside the boundaries? The Murrow Global Expedition program may be for you!

Students find their own stories while immersed in two incredible international locations. This faculty-led summer semester features cultural learning and storytelling practice with local organizations.

If you are interested in more information about Global Learning opportunities, contact:

Kris Baier, Academic Advisor
(425) 405-1775

Jeffery Peterson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
(509) 335-4575

Students In Athens

Storytelling In Greece: May 7 – June 1, 2018


Storytelling in Greece

The ancient ruins of Athens and Thessalonica, the inspiring sanctuary of Delphi, Meteora’s towering monasteries and the wonders of an old and enduring culture set the scene for an exciting global learning opportunity provided by The Murrow College of Communication: Storytelling in Greece.

This month-long study-abroad program offers students the opportunity to complete elective courses (six credits total) while creating public relations and strategic communications work for Greek organizations in the northern city of Thessaloniki, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Storytelling in Greece is designed to provide a mix of culture, real-life business experience, and opportunities for multimedia production in an extraordinary setting.

ALL MAJORS WELCOME. Scheduled for May 7-June 1, 2018, this program is offered to all WSU students who demonstrate they are ready to produce quality media in COMSTRAT 475 Special Topics: International Storytelling and COM 475: Global Video courses with digital-media focused objectives.


Pre-Screening Deadline:
Applications must be completed by midnight of January 19, 2018

Application Acceptance:
Students will learn if they have been accepted by January 30, 2018

Committment Deadline:
Students must commit to the program by midnight of February 1, 2018

Apply to the Program


Ryan Risenmay, Faculty Director
(509) 335-1034

Kanale Rhoden, Faculty Director
(509) 335-2390

Jeffery Peterson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
(509) 335-4575

Discovering Kolkata, City of Joy: June 22 – July 22, 2018


Discovering Kolkata

The orphanage founded by Mother Teresa. The Bengal tigers of Sundarbans National Park. The majestic Victoria Memorial. The simultaneously splendid and desperate environs of India’s third-largest city set the scene for The Murrow College of Communication’s newest global learning opportunity: “Discovering Kolkata: City of Joy.”

This month-long study abroad program offers students the opportunity to complete core and elective courses (up to nine credits total) in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, known as the sweetest part of India, both for its famous desserts and for the sweet, welcoming
nature of its people. “Discovering Kolkata: City of Joy” is designed to provide a mix of cultural experiences, real-life reporting challenges, and opportunities to practice intercultural communication in the city known as India’s intellectual, cultural and artistic capital.

ALL MAJORS WELCOME. Scheduled for June 22-July 22, 2018. Offered to all WSU students, who are keen to explore new cultures, while acquiring international experience that is key to success in today’s global job market, the program offers a practical hands-on approach to completing COMSOC 421: Intercultural Communication and Globalization, COMSOC 326: Organizing for social change and COM 475: Special Topics- International Reporting, with visits to numerous organizations working to improve the lives of India’s neediest citizens.


Apply to the Program


Somava Pande, Faculty Director
(509) 335-5446

Alison Boggs, Faculty Director
(509) 335-5219

Jeffery Peterson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
(509) 335-4575