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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Alumni & Giving

Murrow Philanthropy: Now More Than Ever

The Murrow name presents an extraordinary and definitive responsibility for the Murrow College of Communication. This is an unprecedented opportunity for all who have a stake in Washington State University.As stated by Edward R. Murrow at 1958 the RTNDA Convention, “Our history will be what we make it.”

Making a Difference

A gift to Murrow has the potential to make a lasting impact on the college and to transform lives.

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Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement


  • Fall Annual Giving Campaign | A Guiding Light for 21st Century Communicators Annual Giving is up 27% or $12,611 from the same point in FY 16.
  • Direct mail is up $10,969 ($20,185 over all)
  • Call-A-Coug has raiseOnline83
  • Online donations are up $13,980 ($26,994 over all)
  • Collectively, in the first six months of FY 17, we raised nearly $60,000, up 27% from last year’s nearly $47,000 at the same point in FY 16.
  • We have a 7% annual alumni participation rate, with 728 total donors so far in FY17. That is an average gift of just over $80.
  • With only spending $0.07 to raise $1, we are seeing a fantastic return on investment!

Cougs are all in

Your philanthropy in action

Over 24% of all Murrow alumni and friends have made a philanthropic investment in the Murrow College (there are over 10,800 Murrow Cougs). You are making a difference from across the world – in Japan to London to NYC to LA and Seattle. Closer to home, nearly 50% of all Murrow alumni and friends are in the greater Puget Sound and give very generously! Thank you!

THANK YOU! Your generosity is advancing Edward R. Murrow’s legacy of ethics, innovation, and courage through the Murrow College.Since January 2016, many new endowments and funds have been established. Your bold ideas are being put into action.

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Engagement and outreach


  • San Jose Tech Museum – Celebration with area alumni in collaboration with Harold Frank Institute – Murrow students working with Carson and Voiland students
  • Arizona Murrow Reception – Thank you Liz and Mike Johnson
  • New York City Murrow Reception – Thank you Liz Pritchard and Casey Murrow
  • Palo Alto Murrow Outreach – Thank you Anna Centrella Thayer and Simon Bowers
  • Spokane Fireside Chat with the Dean – Thank you Lori Maricle and Patricia McRae
  • Seattle and Spokane Murrow “Sports Communication Power hour” – Thank you Colin White and Art Eckman
  • Holiday Bowl “outreach and celebration of Murrow Cougs in Sports”
  • Sports trading card pack (highlight Cougs in Sports)
  • Young Alumni Group launched (thank you Lorie Wagner and Sherry Nebel)
  • Tacoma Murrow Night at the Rainiers Game – Thank you Paul Casey