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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Backpack Journalism

The Murrow Backpack Journalism Program provides a unique opportunity for the most accomplished students in the college to travel abroad and work in an international environment. Funded by generous alumni and donors, backpack journalism trips enable us to send students (in teams of two) to destinations such as Nepal, Greece, Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, Costa Rica, China, Sri Lanka and others.

A limited number of Murrow College students were selected in the 2017/18 academic year to participate in fully-funded trips to either Argentina to cover the Dakar off-road rally or to Guatemala to report on a medical mission. As Murrow Backpack Journalists, students have the travel, equipment, training, planning and production support needed to produce professional multimedia content in an international environment.

The March 2018 trip to the Dakar Road Rally was a great success for all involved. Students Cody Cottier, Jacob Granneman, Shannon Heckt and Luke Hollister traveled with the Edward R. College of Communication to Argentina to shoot the Dakar Road Rally final stages. According to Granneman, “It was a harsh, insane and adrenaline filled ride. Dakar is the longest, hardest, most dangerous, most intense, rally race in the world.” The work they accomplished while on this trip captures the essence of the Dakar experience.

See their work here.

Motorcycle at Dakar
Jonathan Nevado, a Spanish racer at Dakar, rides the last parts of stage 11. Photo by Luke Hollister

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