As communications professionals and consumers, we are caught in a tug-of-war between the law (the rights and freedoms we enjoy under the First Amendment) and ethics (the professional responsibilities we need to be conscious of as we exercise these rights). This is a conversation we are all a part of.

Our conversation begins with a three-part panel series held in the new WSU Everett building focusing on communication ethics; continues with the live stream of each discussion on our YouTube channel; and lives on with video featuring our students, faculty and alumni promoting the Murrow legacy.

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August 15, 2017 | Tiered Lecture Hall | WSU Everett

A panel of experts gathers for a discussion of media ethics and the challenges facing a free press and the First Amendment today and in the future. Our goal: to leave feeling empowered to take action as smart and careful consumers of media.


Mike Gugliotto, President/CEO, Pioneer News Group

Austin Jenkins, Olympia Correspondent, Public Radio NW News Network

Christine WillmsenInvestigative Reporter, The Seattle Times

Moderator: Lynne Varner, Associate Vice Chancellor, WSU Everett

PART 2: ETHICS IN 3D spaces

October 3, 2017 | Tiered Lecture Hall | WSU Everett

As we connect with one another more through digital technology, ethical issues emerge related to privacy and the relationship between fantasy and reality. 

Join our experts in virtual and augmented reality and the digital space as we explore a future based on virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning; one in which we have to think about where to draw virtual lines and what kinds of situations may be problematic.


TorleySenior Producer & Sound Designer at Linden Labs, maker of social VR platform Sansar and virtual world Second Life

Eva Hoerth, Emerging Tech Researcher and Community Builder

Di Dang, Leader of the Emerging Tech group at digital agency POP

Moderator: Brett Atwood, Clinical Associate Professor / Director, Integrated Strategic Communication at Everett, Edward R. Murrow of Communication


Wednesday, January 17, 12:00 pm | Tiered Lecture Hall | WSU Everett

What’s the difference between what we have a right to know, what we need to know and what we want to know?

Washington State’s first Chief Privacy Officer Alex Alben discusses what you need to know about privacy in the Data Breach era. Learn more about what our state government is doing to help protect your privacy in this insightful presentation at WSU Everett. You’ll also learn about tips and tools that can help with your data security at home and in the workplace.

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With Murrow students, faculty and alumni as the focus, we are developing a media series, in “Public Service Announcement” style, to be utilized both in classroom and online. Content will serve to educate and motivate the public to be responsible creators and consumers of media. 

All content will inform the vital role that communications play in a democratic society and what we should all expect from quality media.

Content will be shared with local media outlets as well as archived on the Murrow YouTube channel.


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