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Symposium 42: Cultivating Career Connections


Symposium 2017

3 Key Takeaways from WSU’s Murrow Symposium

—by Erin Osgood (Murrow, ’16), Assistant Account Executive at Barokas Public Relations

Our overarching theme for 2017 was “Cultivating Career Connections.” Among the topics explored were, Points of Transitions; Innovation and Industry; and Murrow Connections. We were fortunate to have Ana Cabrera, CNN Anchor, as our keynote speaker.

I recently had the chance to represent Barokas PR at WSU’s Edward R. Murrow Symposium, an annual event designed for PR and journalism professionals, WSU faculty, and students alike to come together and talk about the future of the communication industry. It’s one big Coug-centric networking extravaganza, and I’ve loved it ever since I was a student myself. This year’s theme was “Cultivating Career Connections,” which lent itself well to the experience ahead.

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