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Karen Dorn Steele is an author, award-winning investigative reporter and environmental journalist, formerly of the Spokesman Review. Though well known for her extensive work on local, national and international issues, Karen is perhaps best recognized for breaking the story of nuclear experiments and public health threats at the Hanford Nuclear Site, and for reporting on the CIA’s use of Spokane-based psychologists in their controversial post-911 “rendition” and torture programs. She was inducted into the Washington State Hall of Journalistic Achievement in 1995. During her tenure at the Spokesman Review, Karen worked closely with Bill Morlin on several investigations. She is well-acquainted with his career and honored to talk about his search for truth about the extremist fringes of our society.





Celebrating Bill Morlin(1946-2021)
Karen Dorn Steele will give a special tribute to Bill Morlin (1946-2021), the revered investigative reporter who covered everything from neo-Nazis and white supremacists to crooks and corrupt politicians in a half-century at Spokane newspapers. Respected regionally and nationally for his reporting, Bill was a generous mentor to young journalists and a frequent speaker at universities, including multiple visits to the Murrow College.